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Do you have some surplus stock? Van Empel Overstock is one of the fastest-growing bulk buyers of overstock. You can dispose of your unsold inventory, collections, and business inventories quickly. Make the best deal quickly. Contact us without obligation.

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What sort of overstock do we specialise in?

Since 2007, we have specialised in the stocklot purchase of new brand-name clothing. All large and well known fashion brands: from Calvin Klein to Tommy Hilfiger, and from Diesel to Wrangler and many other clothing brands. Besides this, we are always interested in other surplus stock, such as non-fashion-items, office and company assets, etc.

We are keen to purchase these types of overstock:

  • Always: brand-name clothing (nothing second-hand, 100% new and original)
  • In addition: from non-fashion items to furniture and everything in between.

The discrete stocklot purchase of surplus stock

Years of experience have taught us that every business we deal with finds discretion very important. And rightly so. So we act confidentially and in accordance with your wishes. For example, do you wish to protect your sales territory and do you require restrictions on the sale in respect of the overstock that we buy from you? Then we will act accordingly. And if you wish, we will record this in a contract.

Our aim

We are keen to build up a long-term relationship with you so that you can profit from our experience, speed of collection, and all at a fair price for overstock. However, a one-off transaction is fine with us as well, of course.

Who else has dealt with us?

We are open for business and happy to talk to anyone. We operate worldwide. Personal contact is a top priority. We purchase overstock from the following sources, amongst others:

  • Fashion labels: surplus stock
  • Wholesalers: cancelled orders
  • (Web)shops: unsold spring, Autumn, summer, and winter collections
  • Insurance companies: damaged overstock
  • Liquidators: forced sales due to bankruptcy of business assets and shop inventories

Stocklot purchase: always at a fair price

Van Empel Overstock has a very large network of potential customers. This enables us to resell our overstock quickly. This keeps our storage costs low. You profit directly from this cost saving. After getting to know you and inspecting your overstock, we will be pleased to enter into a good deal with you.

Do you wish to sell your overstock to us?