Bankruptcy sales

Expanding your inventory at a low price with brand-name clothing or other interesting offers. We always have an attractive and varying range of goods on offer thanks to our continuing purchase of bankrupt stock. Profit from this today! Call us or email us.

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Sale following the purchase of bankrupt stock

Van Empel Overstock trades in stocklot overstock and is based in Boven Leeuwen, the Netherlands. This family business specialises in purchasing and selling low-priced brand-name clothing. Besides this we purchase high-value inventories. A lot of the goods we offer come from bankruptcy sales because we maintain long-term relationships with, amongst others, liquidators. You can profit from prices that are lower than wholesale.

Interested in what we have on offer?

You can make an appointment to see what we have on offer entirely without obligation at our warehouse. You are extremely welcome there. Naturally, we take the time to inspect the overstock with you.

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Only top quality

Before we purchase overstock brand-name clothing, we inspect it very carefully. The same applies for business inventories. A bankruptcy often means goods that are seized from one day to the next. A lot of the inventory is unsold clothing that is still brand-new and in perfect condition. In this way we can guarantee you top-quality for the lowest price.

Where do we source our stock?

We have long-term relationships with:

  • liquidators
  • brand owners
  • wholesalers
  • retailers
  • port operators
  • insurance companies
  • distributors
  • manufacturers

Bankruptcy sales, surplus warehouse stock, cancelled orders; all sorts of things may lead to goods being sold as overstock. With our worldwide resources we can quickly make the best deal. This means you can always count on a constant new range on offer in our warehouse.

Payment and delivery

Would you like to know more about payment methods and how we can help with (inter) national transport? We will be pleased to tell you how it works.

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